The topic of women and money is taboo in some societies.

Women-owned businesses struggle for survival.

Many women adopt a solo business style, so that they can take care of their homes and businesses simultaneously. This style puts an enormous amount of stress and pressure on women because they work alone and continuously trade their time for money.

This problem persists due to the lack of entrepreneurial confidence required to take risks, negotiate, step outside one’s comfort zone, and grow a successful and sustainable business. This problem often leads to women feeling like impostors, which results in low self-esteem and subsequent loss of resources.

To build entrepreneurial confidence, you need a new mindset, clarity, new skills, guidance, and proven systems that make it easier to hire people, grow and lead a thriving business.

Ready to build a sustainable and thriving business that eventually runs without your daily input?

Introducing the “Women and Business Success Series”, presented by Rise and Lead Women in partnership with Women Business Initiative.

Women and Business Success Series is a part of the Rise and Lead Mentoring Circle, focused primarily on business development skills, training, and mastermind mentorship. This series is for women entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their small businesses, uncover their blocks, create a growth plan, develop an investor ready-business model, and learn the relevant skills required to thrive in business.

Succeeding in business requires:

  • A mindset and knowledge that it’s okay to build a business and still maintain your female values
  • A vision of growth
  • A desire to grow
  • A commitment to growth
  • The knowledge that as your business succeeds, you can have enough money to fund the changes you want to see in the world

“As your business grows, your leadership grows consistently”.

During the Women and Business Success program, you will:

Gain clarity on what steps and what path you need to grow a sustainable business.

Connect with peers, exchange ideas with like-minded individuals, and build long-lasting win-win relationships.

Receive mentorship on mapping out your next steps towards your business growth

Master the right skills and mindset needed to grow a sustainable and profitable business that gives you the freedom you seek.

“Growing a business requires a growth mindset, the right skills and funds”.

Why the Women and Business Success Series?


Often, growth requires you to invest financial resources into your idea, whether this be from savings, family, banks or investors.

We know that today, many women are afraid to receive investment or take out a bank loan. Through a survey carried out by Rise and Lead Women Forum, “Analysing the funding gap in women-owned business”, it was found that the fear of business failure is one of the major reason for women not receiving funds.

To minimise the risk of business failure, entrepreneurs need to acquire the right business skills and develop a scalable business model. For this reason, we created the Rise and Lead Women and Business Success Series to help female entrepreneurs, who desire to grow their business, to gain the right and relevant skills required for business success.

The Rise and Lead Women and Business Success Series is a set of 4 training and mastermind series, that explore the needs of each business owner, create an individual plan for growth, and provide relevant skills for business success.

At the end of the 4-training sessions the you will walk away with:

Increased confidence to grow your business.

A plan and detailed strategy for your chosen growth path

A community to inspire, encourage and share knowledge with

An entrepreneurial mindset to create new products or services by tapping into your strengths and gifts

An opportunity to learn how to create and facilitate a mentoring circle to share your experience and knowledge

The participant may choose to progress to our women and money series or the entrepreneurial leadership series.

    The curriculum at a glance:

    Your Growth Plan

    Establishing goals and strategic plans to achieve your vision

    Your Customer Development Strategy

    Marketing and sales plans

    Your Ideal Product or Service

    Your product and offer Development

    Your Scalable Business Model

    Designing your strategic business model for future growth

    Your contribution to this program is €60.5 (price including taxes), to take care of logistics, personnel and workbooks.

    Here is the class schedule at a glance:

    Dates: May 16, July 4, October 10, November 14, 2019

    Venue: WBII Office

    Time: 5.00PM – 8.00 PM


    • WBII & Rise & Lead Members: €60.5 (price including taxes)

    • Non Members: €75

    *Only 7 spots available.

    Get ready to gain clarity on what steps to take in growing a successful business!