Who We Are

“We envision a world where women have the same opportunities as their male counterparts. We want to see them achieve top leadership positions in the workplace and create sustainable businesses in the marketplace.” Rise and Lead Founder, Ebere Akadiri.

Globally 17% of Senior Executive roles are held by Women.
Globally 16.9% of Board Members are Women (Deloitte Report 2019)
Globally 4.4% of CEOs are Women (Deloitte Report 2019)
Globally 29% of Leaders in Tech are Women

Diverse and inclusive cultures are providing companies with a competitive edge over their peers. (Wall Street Journal)

Our Vision

To unleash the full potential of individuals and organisations for leadership and impact.


Rise and Lead Women’s mission is to increase the representation of women at the top leadership positions in workplaces and the marketplace. 

Rise and Lead promotes an inclusive and sustainable future for women in business, through the achievement of the following goals:


  • Accelerate change and close the gender gap
  • Inspire, educate, and connect women to tools, resources and network to reach their potential
  • Amplify the voices of role models and the companies who support them
  • Create a sustainable and prosperous society by empowering women entrepreneurs

Our Values

Education: We offer programs tailored to support women in their path to reach their highest potential.

Inspiration: We inspire women to harness their power to rise and make an impact in society.

Inclusion: We believe that using our collective voices and talent will help to solve societal problems

Innovation: We investigate and implement what works, and we focus on actual transformation of women leaders and rather than simply recycle old narratives.

Leadership: We break through personal and professional barriers and embrace our call to lead.

Our Story

Rise and Lead was founded in September 2018 in the Netherlands with the vision of empowering women for leadership and impact in workplaces and in the marketplace.

  • We are rapidly growing from a local initiative to a global force for the next generation of women leaders.
  • We inspire and support women to show up with their gifts, use their voices and influence to drive change and take a seat at the table where decisions are made.
  • We provide the tools, resources and connections for women to lead in harmony with their feminine values.
  • We engage in deep conversations to uncover the aspirations of women and the issues they face when climbing the leadership ladder.
  • We facilitate meaningful connections and mentorship circles within our community to support women leaders to thrive.
  • We partner with corporate organisations  to provide educational tools, training and events focused on driving change towards ddiversity, inclusion and equity