What Influence Can Do For You At Work

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June 24, 2019
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Influence is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you accomplish many things at work. Influence can mean more people will listen to your ideas and support them. It can also help encourage people around you to follow your lead and exert their best effort with tasks you assign to them.

Beyond that, influence also increases your reputation and your name is more likely to come up and be considered when deciding project leaders, promotions or who to send for new trainings or conferences.

A work title or managerial position doesn’t automatically guarantee influence, though. Influence is something you have to build and cultivate. How can you begin increasing your influence at work? Here are some simple tips:

Share Your Expertise

You increase your influence by being seen as an expert in your line of work, or even just a specific aspect of your industry. To be seen as an expert, you need to be able to increase your knowledge through formal education, conferences or even mentorship. And you have to be generous with your knowledge. Don’t keep it to yourself. You can offer genuine help to your colleagues if they’re looking for opinions on their work or even write blog posts on your LinkedIn to share with your colleagues.

This won’t take overnight, and you need to invest your time and effort to establish yourself as an expert at work but it will increase your profile at work, and even help you accomplish your own tasks better.

Connect With Your Colleagues

Networking shouldn’t be reserved for conventions or conferences. You also need to network with the people you work with as their input, support and decisions heavily influences your success at work. If you aren’t making connections within your organization, it may make it difficult for you to accomplish tasks and complete your projects. It isn’t just about participating in company-sponsored team building exercises. Simply greeting your colleagues in the morning, by name, or asking about their hobbies or their families builds your relationship with them.

Be Mindful of How Others Perceive You

Unfortunate as it is, for many, perception is truth. The way you frame your sentences may be seen as aloof or snobbish, and even if it’s not true, it could negatively impact your influence on them. If you slouch as you walk or look at the ground when speaking to someone, people may take it for a lack of confidence or knowledge, and are less likely to come to you for help on work. You need to be aware of how others perceive you and work towards improving yourself to increase your influence. Ask a trusted colleague or mentor so you can get honest feedback and start working on your shortcomings.

Use Your Influence Wisely

You may have already gained some level of influence to a couple of your colleagues, but make sure you use it for the betterment of the organization and the people around you. Don’t use it just so you can duck out on tasks, or unfairly get ahead. Eventually, people will catch on and a negative reputation can only hurt your chances of advancing your career.

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Ebere Akadiri

Ebere Akadiri

Ebere Akadiri is A Nigerian Food Entrepreneur who lives in The Hague. Her passion to inspire others to achieve their goals drove her to found Rise and Lead Women along with her co-founder, Poonam Barua. Their mission is to inspire women to take the lead in closing the gender gap in workplaces and in business.

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