Poonam Barua – Founder/CEO at Forum For Women In Leadership – WILL Forum, India

Poonam Barua is an accomplished business leader, economist, Independent Board Director, CEO of WILL Forum India, and Founding Chairman of the Forum for Women in Leadership, based in New Delhi. She is also the author of the renowned book, Leadership by Proxy: The Story of Women in Corporate India, published by Bloomsbury, December 2015.

Hannah Huber – Founder of Amsterdam Academy & Spark Women

Hannah’s passion is bringing inspirational people together and connecting talent with those who can learn from this talent. In addition to being the co-founder of Spark, Hannah also runs Amsterdam Academy, the knowledge-sharing platform for the international community of Amsterdam.

Stephanie Ward – Business & Marketing Mentor

Stephanie Ward is a Business and Marketing Mentor who is passionate about igniting the success of small businesses. After years in the non-profit and corporate world she started her business, Firefly Coaching in 2002 to support small business owners in making a prosperous living doing what they love. Motivating people to act is second nature to her and emphasis on finding meaning in everything one does has made her a successful Meaningpreneur® (a term she coined herself).


Emmy McCarthy – Community Builder and Systems Strategist

Emmy McCarthy has been a community builder in Europe since Y2K, before Facebook likes and mailing lists; connecting humans to humans. Writer, speaker, micro business advocate, crochet junkie and curiosity seeker, she works with small business owners, seeing patterns where others see chaos. She in turn uses those patterns to develop strengths-based solutions which grow communities. As a strong believer in working together, she urges her clients to get clear, focused and take action. They create a sustainable base for prosperous businesses. Emmy believes that we all have the ability to build the businesses we truly want to run and to create the communities we want to live in, while still making the impact (and income) we deserve.


Barbara Rogoski – TEdx and Executive Speaker Coach

Barbara is an American executive speaker coach, content strategist, senior TEDx speaker coach and author based in The Netherlands. Through her company Successful Speaker Now, Barbara coaches male and female speakers to shine in the spotlight with impact and influence. Her entertaining and insightful book Boring to Brilliant! A Speaker’s Guide reflects her expertise in the field of public speaking. She also runs Lift Her as You Climb; a program is designed to help educate underprivileged girls and women around the world on how to be brilliant communicators and leaders of the future.

Manuela Damant – Open The Door Leadership

Manuela Damant started her career in insurance and later worked for Shell International Limited both in Switzerland and London for 10 years before she retrained as a NLP Coach & Trainer in 2003. Since then she’s worked internationally with over 100 clients and has become an expert on leadership with a special passion for empowering more women to shine. She is a founding partner and coach at Open The Door Leadership. Her coaching approach is a unique combination of a wide variety of tools and theories, including but not limited to positive intelligence, vulnerability, strengths, drive and flow.

Martin Wörsdörfer – Member of The Dutch Parliament

Martin Wörsdörfer is a member of Dutch Parliament for the VVD since 2017. He’s concerned with economic affairs. Martin’s focus is on SMEs, digitalisation and easing regulatory pressure for entrepreneurs. Before Martin got elected to parliament he was a member of The Hague Municipal Council for eight years. During that time he also worked as a tax advisor. Martin lives in Scheveningen with his wife and three kids.

Natali Drake – Author and Storyteller

Natali Drake is a freelance writer, author and brand consultant, and lectures at The Hague University on Corporate Storytelling, Online Marketing, and Self Branding. She writes for various UK publications, and is co-founder of online women’s magazine The Glass House Girls. As N J Simmonds she’s author of fantasy romance novels for young adults. Her new series  ‘The Indigo Chronicles’ will be released in May 2019 (BHC Press).

Elianne Oei – Investor and Financial Advisor

Elianne Oei wears many hats: entrepreneur, professional, mother, sister, daughter, investor. Intensely curious about life; especially other people’s lives and experiences, she is known for her strength in reliably high quality, fit for purpose delivery of work, in any circumstance. Her mission is to help people wake up to their full potential and power, which in turn increases their impact in the world. Together with her business partner Lisa Brincat, she is growing her business Futurist Collective, helping strategic players position for disruptive change, empowering them to both grow their wealth and their legacy, through knowledge, connection, investments, and future-proofed skills.

Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers – Manager of Tech and Innovation

Snezana is passionate about technology and innovation and using it to make social impact and difference in the world. She works as Manager Tech & Innovation at IBM in The Netherlands and has more than 17 years of experience in development, implementation and management of technical solutions for various IBM clients in The Netherlands and Europe. She has worked on a wide range of projects, from big transition & transformations to small but agile digital projects. Some of them were award-winning. Next to her regular job she is also an active advocate for gender equality in a workplace, and ambassador for more women and girls in technology. Since 2016 she is a UN Women’s Empower Women Champion for Change for women’s economic empowerment both online and in the local communities by doing series of initiatives and projects.

Renée Veldman-Tentori – Social Media and Digital Communication Strategist

Renée Veldman-Tentori is particularly passionate about the potential of social media as a tool to give organizations what they need to grow strong online communities. She loves to connect, share, create, learn and teach; all of which are reflected through her company Zestee. Her ability to juggle several complimentary short and long term projects, combined with her impeccable social media skills has people describing her as enthusiastic and energetic. Her zest for life and learning has created great success in her career as a speaker, consultant and trainer.


Melonie Dodaro – Social Selling and Linkedin Influencer

Melonie Dodaro is a preeminent authority on social selling and LinkedIn, author of the international #1 bestselling book “LinkedIn Unlocked”, and creator of “Cracking the LinkedIn Code 3.0”; an online training and coaching program.

She helps individuals and businesses build authority, credibility, and trust, and ultimately increase sales and revenue.

In addition to her books, she teaches her proprietary methods through online programs, seminars, consulting and “done-for-you” services and is a contributing author for Social Media Examiner, LinkedIn Sales Solutions Blog, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog, Social Media Today, and Canadian Business Journal.


Ebere Akadiri: Lead with Your Vision

Ebere Akadiri is the founder of Ataro Marketplace and the co-founding chair of Beauty In Every Life Foundation. She has 19 years of business experience in the retail and food industry.  She is passionate about women leadership inclusion and diversity, and she believes that every woman can rise and lead if shown how. She is using her platform, Rise & Lead Women, to promote the financial and leadership inclusiveness of entrepreneurial women. Ebere is also the author of “Vibrant Cuisine of West Africa cookbook” and “Launch Your dream business”.



Julia Jelinska – Compliance Product Integrity Manager

Julia is a compliance product integrity manager at Ahold Delhaize. She has a strong passion for equality and sustainability. She realizes these passions through her work as the leader of the Netherlands Chapter of the LEAD Network Europe.

She is also involved in the Polish Professional Women in The Netherlands Society. She uses her role as a Board Member for change, advocating for equality and the empowerment of women in the professional world.



Sheila Gemin – Executive Coach, Entrepreneur and Engineer

Sheila is an Executive Coach, entrepreneur and engineer. Having started out in the field of technology with an international consulting firm, she has over 15 years’ experience in the financial, pharmaceutical and recruitment industries. Her experience in working across these sectors uniquely positions her to coach STEM professionals and teams in developing greater leadership capacity, and to support business leaders in connecting technically complex ideas and innovations to the business strategy.

Sheila works with ambitious professionals seeking a management or board level position, who are committed to taking the next step in their development journey. Highly skilled in clear and concise communications that get right to the heart of the issue, she supports senior leaders in defining and articulating core purpose and personal brand.

Sheila is committed to advancing diversity across all industries, roles and levels. She counsels and coaches executive leaders in strengthening organisational capacity to embrace, advance and leverage the full power of diversity to optimise the creative potential of the business and accelerate growth, and coaches women to step up into senior leadership roles. Sheila is President of the Professional Women’s Network in Amsterdam and a member of the global PWN Board where she is responsible for developing the global strategy.

She is the founder of The Cycling Academy, a nationwide institute bringing together science and professional sport, which is now a recognized centre for thought leadership within the Netherlands athletic community.




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