Rising Leaders Program

Equipping aspiring women leaders with the tools, skills and confidence to grow their leadership and impact.

Globally 17% of Senior Executive roles are held by Women.
Globally 16.9% of Board Members are Women (Deloitte Report 2019)
Globally 4.4% of CEOs are Women (Deloitte Report 2019)
Globally 29% of Leaders in Tech are Women

Diverse and inclusive cultures are providing companies with a competitive edge over their peers. (Wall Street Journal)

Do you currently
experience any of the following?

Less than 20% of women in top leadership positions
A “leaking corporate pipeline” – high potential female talent leave your organisation mid-way through their career
Difficulties attracting qualified women into your senior leadership positions
Female employee engagement is decreasing as women advance in your organisation
We help you retain women in your leadership pipeline

Why Rising Leaders Program

This program has been specifically designed to address issues women face when climbing the corporate ladder and to create a safe space to share experiences and seek non-judgmental insights.

With sessions delivered by leadership experts and recognised thought leaders, Rise & Lead Women aims to provide leaders with practical insights on how to lead authentically while influencing and inspiring teams to achieve a shared vision.

Rising Leader Program has been designed to support your efforts.

The program has been developed by established women leaders who have experienced what they teach.

Corporate Benefit

You need the Rising Leaders program to build, maintain and strengthen your corporate pipeline. Investing in your talent has tangible and immediate results.
Hiring from outside is expensive and unnecessary when you have previously recruited strong female talent. It costs six to nine months of an employee´s salary to replace a woman who leaves at mid-career. (SHRM)

Diversity and inclusion throughout your organisation encourages others to apply to your organisation.

Dear Aspiring Female Leader

Are you tired of attending conferences and masterclasses but not seeing any progress in your career trajectory?

Are you feeling like an impostor in your new position?

Do you wish to connect and network with like-minded women leaders, with whom you can share your experiences?

Join our tribe of ambitious women ready to transform their leadership and expand their influence and impact.

Join our Rising Leaders Program today!

The program includes the
following modules:

Module: Self Discovery

  • The value pyramid
  • The Strength Finder
  • Dealing with Impostor Syndrome and limiting beliefs
  • Challenge your small voice
  • Understand your leadership style and how you impact your stakeholders

Module: Clarity on your growth path

  • Map out your career growth plan
  • Goals setting for increased results
  • Building your tribe of mentors
  • Learn new strategies to enable you to address and overcome systemic barriers
  • Integrate self-care and work-life priorities into your plan

Module: Leadership Skills

  • Leadership decision making
  • Leadership communication skills
  • Solving problems with calmness
  • Leaders thrive on delegation and accountability
  • Negotiating effectivel

Module: Leadership presence


  • Personal brand, and creating an approachable and powerful presence.
  • Unleashing the confidence in you, prepare to share your knowledge, craft your signature
  • message and get ready to share your leadership story
  • Establish your leadership voice on the table
  • Navigating the political environment 
  • Advocating for yourself and other

Module: Strategic Relationships and Networking for success

  • Authentically connect with people
  • Develop networks to assist in reaching your leadership goals
  • Build and nurture your Social Capital, inside and outside of your organisation
  • Sponsorship for career advancement
Tap into the skills, experience, and knowledge of your fellow Rising Leaders.

Who is the Rising Leaders Program For?

The Rising Leaders program has been specifically developed with aspiring leaders, senior managers and existing leaders in mind. These women know the type of leader they want to be, they just need guidance, support and some inspiration to realise and reinforce their intention.

How is the Rising Leaders Program different from other women leadership programs?

The Rising Leaders program is built with an understanding of the difference between personal development and leadership development. We offer a combination of holistic and targeted growth strategies in a productive manner to ensure genuine transformation.

Participants join the Rising Leaders network for a period of one year and receive follow up online masterclasses and community support.

If you’d like to learn more about our customized leadership training, executive coaching and development programs, contact us www.riseandleadwomen.com

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