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January 15, 2018




Following the successful launch of the Rise and Lead Summit, we are pleased to announce the Rise & Lead WebMentoring Masterclass Series for 2019.

The Rise and Lead WebMentoring Masterclass Series is a complete leadership development program designed to provide actual transformation in women in the workplace, by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge required to get to the top slot in any organisation.

It’s exciting to see the number of women that are making it to the top slot in corporations, non-profit ventures, politics and STEM fields. Women are leading successful businesses, raising capital and making a significant impact.

More businesses are getting on board to close the gender gap, especially given the rise of media interest in gender equality. Leaders now understand that clients want to partner with diverse organisations; the best talent wants to work for diverse organisations and investors are putting their capital into diverse organisations. These trends are moving the needle and building a diverse workforce has become a boardroom issue.

In spite of these positive steps, the World Economic Forum projects that it will still take 217 years to close the economic gender gap.

We have heard stories of women being passed over for promotion, not involved in new projects and not heard in meetings. It is common for women to start their careers on a pathway of success, and then hit a wall.

Women are still earning less than their male counterparts. Women typically have to strike a balance between caring for their family needs and daily work activities. This often comes at the cost of increased day-to-day stress, decelerated career advancement, impaired leadership development and reduced organisational networking.

Introducing the Rise and Lead Web Mentoring Masterclass Series!

The Rise and Lead Web Mentoring Masterclass Series has been designed to assisting women who desire to have management and executive responsibilities to realise their full potential as leaders. You will be exposed to opportunities and strategies to achieve your professional and personal goals and to develop leadership styles that will effectively enhance your position and status within your organisation. Most importantly you will develop the right skills to align your personal and professional lives with your core values.

At Rise and lead, we are positioned to support women and companies with the necessary skills to advance to any leadership position, to negotiate their compensation and to carry out their work in harmony with their values.

We invite you to join our Web Mentoring Masterclass Series for women in leadership.

This 4-module series of live webinars will be taught by Poonam Barua, a renowned women’s leadership executive and advocate, founder/CEO of Will Forum, India; Ebere Akadiri, a Women in Leadership advocate, a long-time business executive and Founder/CEO of Rise and Lead Women and Ataro Foods; and invited expert guests and industry leaders.

This program is based on valuable feedback from over 6,000 women who participate in the WILL Forum programs worldwide, and the excellent WILL Research Reports, Handbooks, and surveys carried out by Poonam Barua.

Based on these findings, we’ve selected eight skill sets, grouped into four modules, which we believe are critical for women in leadership to have to get to the top slot of any organisation.

Our Programs and summits have been structured to include real-life challenges, practical solutions and experienced leaders sharing their wisdom and knowledge with our participants. The leadership Masterclass comprises four stand-alone modules delivered within three months, with each module lasting for 2 or 3-days.

Rise and Lead WebMentoring consists of four modules, each two or three days long. You can choose to participate in all four or choose to take the first module (required) and then pick and choose from the other three.

Rise and Lead, Netherlands is a knowledge-sharing and collaboration platform that brings together professionals, executives, business founders and emerging leaders to connect, analyse best practices, engage in meaningful conversations, and redefine the leadership paradigm for women in the workplace and marketplace.

For more information about the 2018 Rise and Lead Summit, visit: www.riseandleadsummit.com

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