The Rise And Lead Summit

The Rise and Lead Summit now offers a 12-month Executive Summit Membership that includes the 4th annual virtual summit plus bi-monthly live online leadership skills-building seminars and Leadership Development Curriculum.

The Rise and Lead Summit brings together industry leaders, corporate executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, young leaders, change-makers, and organisations to share best practices, learn new skills and drive the change towards real diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Why Rise & Lead Summit?

The main focus of the Rise and Lead Summit is to inspire, educate and empower women, leaders, and organisations on key topics relating to gender diversity, equity & inclusion. The Rise and Lead Summit, 2021 connects aspiring leaders with industry executives, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and policymakers to explore best practices in leadership and equity and to advance women and under-represented communities as leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers.

Benefits of joining the Rise and Lead Year-round Membership

With everything happening in the world today, there’s no better time to join a strong community, build valuable relationships, and grow your leadership and impact. This is why we have extended our Rise and Lead Summit to provide more than an annual gathering.

  • Gain access to past recordings to continue learning and improving your leadership skills
  • Learn and receive support from accomplished leaders all through the year.
  • Stay connected with a diverse group of bold and influential leaders for support and collaborations.