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Join our bold and confident tribe of women who are ready to transform their leadership and expand their influence and impact.  

Be a part of a creative and innovative leadership ecosystem, filled with impactful workshops, facilitated mentoring circle conversations and a vibrant community. Form deep friendships with a global tribe of female founders and mid-level managers with whom you can engage in future collaborations.


What will you experience at Rise and Lead

Women Leadership Program?

Personal leadership transformation

Gain the courage to mentor others

Be prepared to take up higher roles


Communicate and present your ideas more confidently and clearly


Understand the concept and the differentiating styles of women in leadership

Practice your new skills in a safe space


Learn to ask for what you are worth

Experience the wisdom and knowledge of intelligent minds who are at their best

Join us at Rise and Lead Women in Leadership Retreat

September 16- 17, 2019

Time: 10 am to 4 pm daily

Location: Amsterdam

The Rise & Lead women in leadership retreat is a complete leadership development program designed to equip women with the necessary transformational skills and knowledge required to reach the top slot in any working organisation.

The Rise & Lead Leadership Mentoring Circle has been designed for women who desire to have management and executive responsibilities to help them realise their full potential as leaders.

Participants will be exposed to opportunities and strategies to help them achieve their professional and personal goals and develop leadership styles that will effectively enhance their position and status within their respective organisations.

Most importantly, you will develop the right skills to align your personal lives with their professional lives.


This program is for professional, mid-managers, managers, senior-level executives and business founders and co-founders.


By attending, you will apply the program material to define long-term strategic objectives and initiatives and will translate these objectives into an execution road-map. You will gain insight into the differentiating styles of women in leadership. You will understand the art and power of communication in influencing and inspiring your strategic partners, colleagues and team members, which helps to achieve your company goals faster. In addition, you will understand how the differentiating styles of women in leadership affects the company’s leadership.


    Day 1

    Provide core leadership training, resources, tips and coaching to help you in your leadership growth and development.


    Day 2

    Hands-on workshop, mentoring circles, working in teams to practice the new skills in a safe space while forming new friendships for future collaborations.

    About Rise and Lead Women Leadership Program

    At Rise & Lead, we aim to support women and companies with the necessary skills to advance to any leadership position, to negotiate their compensation, and to carry out their work in harmony with their values.
    Rise & Lead Women’s vision is to help women maximise their leadership potential to become bolder and stronger leaders.

    Meet The Facilitators:

    Poonam Barua

    renowned women’s leadership executive and advocate, founder/CEO of Will Forum, India.


    According to Poonam Barua:

    “The active participation of women, on equal terms with men, at all levels of decision-making is essential to the achievement of equality, sustainable development, peace and democracy“.

    Ebere Akadiri

    A Women in Leadership advocate, a long-time business executive, and Founder/CEO of Rise and Lead Women and Ataro Foods.

    Here is her story. “I am a mother and a wife. So for society, that means I need to give up my career aspiration, otherwise, I’m selfish. However, I didn’t let society stop me. I lost my corporate job in the seventh month of my first pregnancy. That also didn’t stop me. I went ahead to pursue entrepreneurship and successfully launched several businesses in food service, retail and processing. I led a team of 56 employees to manage my various companies. What I learned was that women are capable of so much more than we are given any credit for, because women are capable of fulfilling any role successfully – it is not an either/or situation. For this reason, I’m very passionate about advocating for women in leadership. I joined forces with Poonam Barua, a renowned women’s leadership executive and advocate, and founder/CEO of Will Forum, India. We created the platform, Rise and Lead Women, to connect women leaders and visionaries to share their wisdom and knowledge with aspiring women leaders“.

    the curriculum at a glance

    Your Step Ladder to the Leadership

    Great leaders understand that knowing where you wish to go makes it easier to get there.

    At Rise & Lead Women, we believe that we have all been called to make an impact and leave legacies through our work. By creating well-structured processes, women can achieve their dreams and aspirations of leadership and long-term career success.

    Your Step-Ladder to the Leadership” module helps you apply techniques in creating bold visions for yourself, both in the workplace and at home. This course will urge you to step towards achieving your aspirations and lead within your sphere of influence.

    Communication and Thought Leadership

    As a business leader, communication is essential for impacting and inspiring others by sharing your vision, ideas, and strategies.

    The “Communication and Thought Leadership” masterclass focuses on providing you with a framework that positions you as a thought leader in your field. It will help you articulate and structure your stories to communicate your ideas effortlessly and with confidence. Learning how to communicate or share your story is one thing, but understanding how to structure and deliver real transformation is another.

    You’ll learn to speak confidently, gain the support of others, and release your inner leader!

    Confidence, Mindset & Learning to Ask

    Confidence and visibility are crucial elements to being a compelling leader. Building your confidence and assertiveness is essential to achieving greater success in making significant contributions to your organisational and personal goals. This is your chance to take charge and exude self-confidence and demonstrate your leadership abilities to stand out.

    The “Confidence, Mindset & Learning to Ask” masterclass will eliminate any lingering self-doubt and illuminate the path to becoming a firmer and more independent leader. We will explore ways to build boldness and composure in stressful situations, increase your visibility, and facilitate approaching new people. You will learn to negotiate high-risk/high-reward assignments by “learning to ask” for help.

    The difference between having a vision of growth and transforming that vision into reality is one’s ability and willingness to step out of their comfort zone. By taking risks and becoming more intentional and strategic with your actions, you will grow closer to your aspirational vision. A robust professional network extends your circle of opportunity and influence far beyond your direct contacts.

    Relationship Building & Strategic Networking

    The “Relationship Building & Strategic Networking” masterclass will touch on stakeholder mapping and social capital in different organisational structures. You will also discover how to build relationships in harmony with your values, network effectively, grow your strategic network and influence stakeholders in the business.

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    Program Fees

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a scholarship to attend this program?

    We’ll be awarding three all-access passes to deserving women leaders who do not have the means to participate. To check your eligibility, send your letter of motivation to

    Can I sponsor someone to attend?
    Yes, you can sponsor your colleagues, employees or your loved ones to attend.
    I am a business owner. Is this program of any benefit to growing my business?
    At Rise and Lead, we believe that as your business grows, your level of leadership grows. Understanding and making room for your business growth is equally important.
    Is there a group discount?

    Yes, when you register up to 10 people, you will receive a 10% group discount.
    For corporate organisations, please contact us at

    What if I pay but can't attend the program in the end?

    We encourage you to make time to attend the program. However, you can use your ticket to attend our next program.

    I’m a man. Can I attend the leadership program?

    Absolutely yes. At Rise and Lead, we believe in balanced leadership and inclusion.

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