Entrepreneurial Leadership School for Female Founders, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs

Successful business leadership does not stop at gaining the skills required to do the work. Training and education need to extend addressing mindset and ensuring that women believe in their capabilities so they can confidently go on to greater heights.

Although female entrepreneurship is positioned and talked about by all government and impact organisations, not many changes have been seen in the last couple of years (IFC).

Rise and Lead Women is dedicated to closing the entrepreneurial leadership and financial gap in both the workplace and the marketplace through education tailored for women. The Women Entrepreneurial Leadership Program is being piloted to provide women with the skills and mindset needed to scale their business and find financial success.

Participants will be provided with access to mentorship opportunities through a professional advisory board of experts, who will advise on complex business problems.

The sessions will explore topics such as business strategy, designing a sustainable business model, building entrepreneurial mindsets and resilience, digital transformation, obtaining funds, governance, recruiting and international expansion., government compliance and international trade regulations, which are essential issues as women tend to do less business outside of the countries causing them to miss

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