Women in Leadership Program

At Rise & Lead, we aim to support women and companies with the necessary skills to advance to any leadership position, to negotiate their compensation and to carry out their work in harmony with their values.

The Rise & Lead Web-Mentoring Masterclass Series is a complete leadership development program designed to equip women with the necessary transformational skills and knowledge required to reach the top slot in any working organisation.

The Rise & Lead Leadership Mentoring Series has been designed for women who desire to have management and executive responsibilities to realize their full potential as leaders.

Participants will be exposed to opportunities and strategies to achieve their professional and personal goals to develop leadership styles that will effectively enhance their position and status within their respective organisations.

Most importantly, they will develop the right skills to align their personal and professional lives with their core values.

Women are still earning less than their male counterparts, while typically being forced to strike a balance between caring for their family needs and daily work activities. They are being passed over for promotions, not involved in new projects and not heard in meetings. This often comes at the cost of increased day-to-day stress, decelerated career advancement, impaired leadership development and reduced organisational networking.

Rise & Lead Women’s vision is to help women maximize their leadership potential, to become bolder and stronger leaders. 

We encourage our members to impact 30 women each year, creating a network of women advancing into top leadership positions.



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