Rise and Lead WebMentoring Masterclass Series Module 2




Module 2: Become a Bold Communicator (3-Day Masterclass)

April 11 – 13, 2019 at 4pm–6pm

Learn how to articulate, structure, and communicate your ideas confidently and effortlessly to impact your audience.

As a business leader, communication is essential for inspiring others by sharing your vision, ideas, and strategies.

This masterclass focuses on providing you with a framework that positions you as a thought leader in your field. It will help you craft your stories and communicate your ideas with confidence. Learning how to communicate or share your story is one thing but understanding how to structure and deliver real transformation is another. Our “Become a Bold Communicator” master class has been designed to address all three.

You’ll learn to speak confidently, gain the support of others, and release your inner leader!

This 3-day masterclass will cover:

  • Learn how to communicate effectively through storytelling
  • Discover the framework that great communicators and leaders use to inspire and motivate their follower
  • Public speaking and strategic influencing for emerging leaders
  • Overcome your fears and confidently convey your thoughts with conviction
  • Creating memorable and effective communication by building trust and credibility
  • How to become a thought leader in your field
  • Crafting your thought leadership media strategy
  • Breaking through the noise by articulating and communicating you unique value proposition
  • Building a visible personal brand in harmony with your values