Rise To Leadership with Ebere Akadiri

Rise To Leadership with Ebere Akadiri

Our Rise to Leadership Podcast is a bi-monthly LinkedIn Live Show and podcast that takes the guesswork out of how great leaders get to the top and what competencies and qualities have helped them along their journey.

Hosted by Ebere Akadiri, founder of Rise and Lead Women, our Rise to Leadership podcast contains two series – the Inspiring Women Leaders series and the Leadership Conversation series. Each episode features inspiring leaders and role models who are leading impactful companies.

They explore important topics and questions that every aspiring leader needs to ask but often don’t know who to ask. They share the backstory behind their rise and how they use their leadership and influence to lead changes, particularly in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Get ready to be inspired by the honest conversations and stories from top leaders and receive leadership-building tips and tools to grow your leadership and impact.

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