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March 11, 2019
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Several reports have shown there is a severe shortage of women in leadership roles in the workplace, marketplace, and positions of power.

We understand that there are many factors, including systemic structures and historical bias, that add to the lack of women leaders in both the workplace and marketplace. But we also believe that as women, we can help ourselves and each other to confront these systemic biases and embrace our call to lead.

It starts with us adopting a different mindset from the lies we have been told.

Subconsciously or not, you may have been raised to believe that you don’t deserve to be in a position of power, or you’ve been told that you lack the proper skills to be a leader. You may also have been raised to think that as a woman, wanting more is a bad thing, or just maybe your childhood experience is still playing a big part in your mind.

We know that this kind of mindset can block you from going after leadership roles, especially in industries dominated by men, including Tech and Finance. This thought pattern is responsible for stopping many women from getting to their next level of success and leadership.

To move forward, we need to uncover and conquer this belief system, and then create a plan to support and keep us accountable towards achieving our goals.

The Rise and Lead Connect2Grow Mentoring Circle “Mastering Your Mindset For Personal and Career Growth”, has been designed to help you uncover the patterns that are unique to you and learn the right strategies needed to overcome them, so you can stay focused and committed towards achieving your professional and career success.

Our Connect2Grow Mentoring Circle event will kick off with a greet and mingle, welcome drinks and snacks, followed by a content-rich presentation from Ebere Akadiri and a guest expert. There will be a ‘mentoring circle’ time with peers and a dedicated facilitator to help you uncover and overcome your “inner voices” that have been stopping you from reaching your career and business goals.

Here is what we will cover:

Steps to creating a mindset that positions you for success in your life and career.

Discover how your fears have been stopping you from getting to your next level and learn what to do about it.

Confront the unsupportive beliefs that have kept you stuck.

Dealing with procrastination and perfectionism and focusing on progress.

Eliminate fears and make commitments that will help you achieve your intentions in 2019.

Why You Should Attend?

You will connect with like-minded professionals and individuals on the same journey and path

You will develop greater capacity to hold yourself accountable and stay committed to achieving your dream life in 2019

You’ll be inspired to become the best version of yourself

We’ll show you how to shift your thinking for growth and success in 2019

Our mentoring circle is a safe place where you are can feel free to share your deepest fears and concerns with people who understand you and are ready to support you

Your access to the Rise and Lead Mentoring Circle: Connect2Grow includes:

Actionable content to help you achieve your best year yet

Mingle and chat with peers and build future friendships and collaborations

Drinks and light refreshments

Mentoring circle with peers and a facilitator to support and help you stay accountable for achieving your life and career goals this year

The following facilitators joined us:


Imaging achieving all your intentions in 2019?

Join us at the Rise and Lead Connect2Grow Mentoring Circle: “Mastering Your Mindset For Personal And Career Growth”

April 12, 2019

WTC – NH -Hotel, The Hague

5.30 pm – 8.30 pm

* Seats are limited


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