5 Ways Women Are Set for Success in The Workplace

It’s a sad fact of American life that, even in 2019, women may still suffer from workplace discrimination. There are many economists, social scientists, and other smart people to write about these issues intelligently. For our part, we want to give our thanks to the...

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Six Ways to Overcome Your Lack of Confidence and Speak Up

"Confidence helps us to stand tall, take risks, think outside the box and helps us not to settle for less than we deserve." - Carol Sanker, "Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership".  Most women lack confidence, especially more than men. Many factors contribute to...

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The Importance of Community in Your Personal Growth

Growth is something we all aspire for in our lives. Whether that’s growth in our professional or personal lives, and no matter the depth or intensity we all want to grow to a certain extent. But growth, much like most things in life, cannot be achieved alone. “Alone,...

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Breaking Away from Limiting Mindsets

Globally, women account for 48.5% of the labour force. This number is not reflected in leadership roles – In the United States, only 22% of women are represented in Executive Committees, 15% in Europe and only 4% in Asia. Numerous factors are playing into these...

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Commit to Your Personal Goals in 2019

Women leaders and managers are no strangers to goal setting. They’re experts when it comes to setting goals for their organizations, breaking those goals down into steps, delegating it to their team and staying on top of everyone to make sure they’re motivated and on...

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Why Women are Disappearing From the Leadership Trajectory

The value of gender diversity for a business’ bottom line has been widely recognized, but according to a report by the Center for Women and Business at Bentley University, this has not done much to improve the conditions of women in the workplace. The report is a...

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How to Reclaim Your Self-Worth and Stand Out

“What do you do for work?” This question is probably one of the first questions you get asked when you meet someone new. It seems innocuous enough on its own, but when you consider how people react based on your answer, it’s indicative of what we, as a society, put...

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6 Steps to Create Your Personal Leadership Development Plan

Gender inequality is a worldwide epidemic. Women around the world are subjected to social and economic disparity, like the pay gap and the lack of women in positions of power where they can affect real change. We understand that there are many factors, including...

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My Rise & Lead Summit Experience

Dear Reader, If you haven’t secured your place yet at the Rise & Lead event Connect2Grow on the 31st of January then perhaps reading what I experienced when attending the first ever Rise and Lead Summit that was held in September 2018 might encourage you to do so....

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5 Ways to Manifest Your Power

“Did you bring your power to this meeting?” Poonam Barua, Founder & CEO, WILL Forum India, and Co-Founder of Rise & Lead Women, asked her audience this question during the recently concluded, “Power. Presence. Potentials” Webinar, hosted by the Rise and Lead...

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