Leading The Change Through Corporate Sustainability with Therese Noorlander and Sofia Kilifi

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May 17, 2021
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 “If you really want to drive impact and understand the local needs, it is super important to work with parties that understand the local needs, feel the passion, and are willing to go above and beyond to make it happen. Even though its sometimes challenging.” – Therese Norlander

Our conversation with Therese Norlander, the Sustainability Director Europe at The Coca-Cola Company, and her colleague, Sofia Kilifi, the Sustainability and Community Manager for Coca-Cola in Europe, is now on Spotify and Apple podcast.

Driving force behind Coca-Cola’s philanthropic efforts?

Therese took the lead in responding to this question by highlight that, as a global organisation, Coca-Cola is part of the local communities where they operate and they endeavour to make a difference in those communities by supporting them in their times of need, especially by focusing on the safety of their employees and customers through the COVID-19 pandemic. Sofia chipped in and highlighted that, in this same light, Coca-Cola is handling efforts to help reverse the impacts of climate change in order to protect the communities where they operate and meet their sustainability pillars.

How Coca-Cola not only met but exceeded its 5-20 initiative goals?

Sofia ascribed the success of the initiative to the successful partnerships with local organizations to whom they provide mentoring and other support. She also highlighted that since the organization operates globally, they try to identify the unique needs of each country and tailor their common strategy to solving those unique problems. Therese added that the passion of the organization’s partners and employees contributed to the success.

 New ambitious goals?

“Not yet. And I don’t think that we will come back with the same targets or audacious targets”, Therese responded. Her reason for this response was because she perceived that people need more support/assistance with job security, reskilling, etc, especially given the pandemic.

Factors that stop the advancement and retention of women in top leadership positions and what can be done about it?

Although Therese admitted that Coca-Cola and some other large organisations are supporting diversity, inclusion and social equity and other efforts to promote conversations around positive development, she recognised that in this present time, it is even more important for more efforts to be made. “I think it starts with having an open debate and understanding where you are as a company, and what is possible and how you can work towards that”, she added.

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