Equality For all women

Spotlighting and Elevating The Visibility of Diverse Women in Business.


We are increasing women’s representation, including that of women from racially and ethnically marginalized groups while promoting equal access to career opportunities.


Several studies have shown that diverse teams are more productive, more creative, and improve the bottom line.

Despite years of initiatives set up to improve women’s advancement in the workplace, progress is relatively slow. The progress made so far has systematically excluded black women, women of colour and ethnic minorities.

We challenge you to look around you and ask the question, “who is not at my table?” Often you will find that black women, women of colour and underrepresented minorities are glaringly missing. 

Rise and Lead Women’s Forum wants to change that by creating awareness about the underrepresentation of black women and ethnic minorities in Europe, providing the tools and resources to rise and amplifying the voices of black and minority female role models.

We invite you to join the movement as we launch the Equality for All Women Series, which will spotlight black women and underrepresented minorities in business, elevating their visibility, highlighting the challenges and inspiring one another and future generations to rise.

The time to unite and advance ALL Women in now!

Join the movement.


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Here are some of the benefits:

  • Network with diverse women and senior executives to elevate your career
  • Access to interviews with Black and ethnic minority role models
  • Gain inspiration to rise and lead
  • Access to exclusive partners’ events and roundtables