Inviting Men To The Equality Table with Rick Zednik, Zuzana Púčiková and Stefan Tonnon

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May 17, 2021
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“It is inclusive to include men…they are still the decision-makers. If you do not get support from the people in power, you will not achieve change.” – Zuzana Púčiková

Have you ever tried to have conversations with men on issues of diversity, inclusion, and gender and felt like you weren’t being heard? You are not alone. Efforts for gender equality in the workplace and leadership cannot be tackled by women alone; men have an essential role to play. But how do we bring more men to the table to have these conversations and close the gender leadership gap?

Our conversation with Rick Zednik, the Director Pangea Connections; Zuzana Púčiková, Head of EU Public Policy and Stefan Tonnon, Vice President of Human Resources Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Insight, is part of the Leadership Conversations series and is now on Spotify and Apple podcast.

Importance of men in conversations about gender equality?

Rick Zednik began the conversation by admitting that although this question is simple, it attracts a complex answer. “There are 3 billion men in the world and they range from being very very comfortable with this as a topic to being very uncomfortable”, he elaborated. He went on to discuss the 5 different categories in which he has divided men into to aid the understanding and approach to different men.

The role of HR in creating a conducive environment for employees (male & female) to engage with each other and have these (gender equality, diversity and inclusion) conversations?

This question was directed at Stefan Tonnon and he acknowledged the critical role that HR plays in driving these discussions within organisations. Stefan also acknowledges the importance of these discussions being driving by employees themselves rather than it being expected to be driven from the top of the organisational hierarchy to the bottom.

How to efficiently build allyship with men and bring men to discuss these topics?

This question was directed at Zuzanna who admitted that through her career journey, male allies helped her surmount the obstacles which she faced. “It is important to realise that the definition or key aspects of a male ally is listening, understanding and active support”, she explained. She went on to talk about the Male Allyship Program, employee resource groups, women at Uber, & black at Uber initiatives which her organisation put in place to aid this cause and the development of allyship in the organization.

Want to learn more about the topic, recognise the level of understanding of different men of the topic of gender equality in organisations and how this understanding can make it easier to bring these conversations to them? Listen to this episode on your favourite podcast platform, and be sure to subscribe, so you don’t miss anything!

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