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Businesses in the digital age cannot ignore the power of social media if they want to thrive and expand. A 2019 report for We Are Social and Hootsuite states that there are a total of 3.4 billion active social media users worldwide, which accounts for 45% of the global population. And that number is expected to grow exponentially with an annual digital growth of 9%.

Your customers and potential customers are on social media, and they are ready to consume content from your business. Social Media is one of the most effective ways to both increase your customer base and expand your social reach.

But you can’t expect people to flock to you by just creating an account on Facebook or Twitter. Social Media Marketing, as with any kind of marketing, requires thought and preparation. Here are seven steps to take so you can start leveraging social media for your business.

1. Know Your Audience

Knowing your customer is one of the first steps you need to take before you launch any marketing strategy. You have to think about what kind of individual would have a need and want for your product or service. Get specific about your customer’s profile, where do they work? Do they have children? What kind of TV shows would they be watching? Knowing these details would give you insight into what kind of content they’re looking for and which social media platforms they’re most likely to spend time on.

2. Know Your Voice

Take a look at some of the top selling brands that you follow on social media, they have a personality that sets them apart from others. Are you approachable? Are you fun and outgoing? Are you a little aloof and exclusive? What kind of personality do you want to impress on your audience when it comes to your brand?

Your brand voice has to be consistent across all platforms and also has to make sense with your product or service. If you’re selling affordable clothes, you don’t want to alienate potential customers by having a brand voice that’s exclusionary.

3. Find Where Your Customers Are

While there are quite a few social media platforms out there, you don’t have to be active on all of them. Put your focus on which platforms your target audience are most likely to engage with you. Facebook is the biggest social platform in the world, but if you’re a B2B company, they might better engage with you on LinkedIn. If your business has something to do with design or crafting on the other hand, Pinterest or Instagram might be better places to showcase your business.

4. Share Valuable Information

Don’t just sell to your customers, share valuable content to your customers so that they remain engaged with you even if they aren’t ready to buy yet. This also allows you to build trust with your customer base as they will see you not just as a business entity but a fully realized brand who cares about what they need and what their interests are. If you don’t have original content yet, like blogs or podcasts, you can share curated content from other sites or even simple business tips or best practices from your own company.

5. Invest in Targeted Ads

The beauty of social media ads is that not only is it a lot cheaper than traditional print and media ads, it also allows you to control who sees your ads. This allows for more targeted advertising, giving you more bang for your buck. Targeted ads allows you to reach beyond your current network while still working within your demographic. Facebook Ads for example gives you options on targeting your audience based on age, location, gender and even interests.

6. Connect with Other Influencers

While bigger social media influencers come with a hefty price, the size of their audience reach is quite humongous and will give your brand awareness a healthy boost. However, you can also look for influencers within your industry you can reach out to that doesn’t come with a price tag. Share your content or samples of your product and if they like what they see, they can post about you on you social media.

7. Go Offline About Your Online

If you have a physical store, make sure to tell customers who come in about your social media presence. This way they won’t forget about you right after they step out of your doors and gives you the chance to engage with them further, turning a one-time customer into a loyal patron of your brand.

Ebere Akadiri

Ebere Akadiri

Ebere Akadiri is A Nigerian Food Entrepreneur who lives in The Hague. Her passion to inspire others to achieve their goals drove her to found Rise and Lead Women along with her co-founder, Poonam Barua. Their mission is to inspire women to take the lead in closing the gender gap in workplaces and in business.