Rise and Lead Women Leadership Program: Developing Your Leadership Potential

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March 11, 2019
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 Gender inequality is real. Women around the world have been subjected to social and economic disparity, such as the lack of women in positions of power where they can affect real change.

The Centre for women and Business at Bentley University released a report which explores the reality of the “leaky corporate pipeline”, a term that refers to the way women drop out or disappear from the career and leadership trajectory at all stages of their professional lives.

In one way or another, all women have been negatively affected by patriarchy – whether this is consciously or subconsciously. We’ve been conditioned, even as young girls, to be smart but not too smart, otherwise, boys won’t like you; don’t be too loud, good girls are always prim and proper.

These statements can be translated to being quiet and subdued. Have opinions, but don’t voice them out or you’ll be branded shrill and demanding. Women have been told that their role is to support the man as he makes a living, while the woman takes care of the household and the children and so on. All these things compounded together have led us to a world where there is a severe lack of women in leadership roles in the workplace, marketplace, and positions of power.

As of 2015, of the Fortune 500 companies, only 5.2% have women CEOs. It’s time we dismantle the patriarchy that always relegates women to the backseat of society.

The big question is, how?

We understand that there are many factors, including systemic structures and historical bias, that add to the lack of women leaders in both private and public sectors. But we also believe that as women, we can help each other and ourselves to install more women into leadership roles – whether this be​ in government, STEM, art or any other industry.

It starts with the women adopting a different mindset from the lies we have been told.

Subconsciously or not, you may have been raised to believe that you don’t deserve to be in a position of power, or you’ve been told that you lack the proper skills to be a leader. You may also have been raised to think that as a woman, wanting more is a bad thing, or just maybe your childhood experience is still playing a big part in your mind.

I know that this kind of mindset can block you from going after leadership roles, especially in industries dominated by men, including Tech, Finance and even in our community.

To overcome these biases, we first have to change our beliefs around these subjects. Once we’ve conquered this, we need to create a plan on how we will become a leader in our respective industries or communities. Then we can develop the skill-sets required to succeed in these positions of power and influence.

This is what the Rise and Lead Women leadership program has been designed to accomplish for you.

The curriculum has been designed to equip women with the tools they need to rise to leadership and impact real change in their community and society.

Meet The Facilitators:

Poonam Barua

renowned women’s leadership executive and advocate, founder/CEO of Will Forum, India.


According to Poonam Barua:

“The active participation of women, on equal terms with men, at all levels of decision-making is essential to the achievement of equality, sustainable development, peace and democracy“.

Ebere Akadiri

A Women in Leadership advocate, a long-time business executive, and Founder/CEO of Rise and Lead Women and Ataro Foods.

Here is her story. “I am a mother and a wife. So for society, that means I need to give up my career aspiration, otherwise, I’m selfish. However, I didn’t let society stop me. I lost my corporate job in the seventh month of my first pregnancy. That also didn’t stop me. I went ahead to pursue entrepreneurship and successfully launched several businesses in food service, retail and processing. I led a team of 56 employees to manage my various companies. What I learned was that women are capable of so much more than we are given any credit for, because women are capable of fulfilling any role successfully – it is not an either/or situation. For this reason, I’m very passionate about advocating for women in leadership. I joined forces with Poonam Barua, a renowned women’s leadership executive and advocate, and founder/CEO of Will Forum, India. We created the platform, Rise and Lead Women, to connect women leaders and visionaries to share their wisdom and knowledge with aspiring women leaders“.

The Rise and Lead women Leadership program has been designed to help women and organisations recognise the essential business talents, skills, aspirations, that women can bring to business and society. We also aim to inspire these women to claim their place in corporate decision making, public policy, and board positions. This will promote sustainable and balanced leadership in the global economy and social communities.

The program will focus on supporting women who have management and executive responsibilities to realise their full potential as leaders, by exposing them to opportunities for maximising their professional and personal goals, and developing leadership styles that will effectively enhance their position and status within the organisation for career-building. 

This program is based on valuable feedback from over 6,000 women in corporate India, who participated in the WILL Forum programs, and the excellent WILL Research Reports, Handbooks, and surveys carried out by WILL India. I’m happy to share our findings with women in corporate Europe and around the globe through the Rise and Lead WebMentoring Series. I can’t wait to meet the most excellent women in Europe and the world online.


Why do you need to attend?

We bet you’ve heard stories of women being passed over for promotion, not involved in new projects and not heard in meetings. It is common for women to start their careers on a pathway of success, and then hit a wall. 

Women are still earning less than their male counterparts. Women typically have to strike a balance between caring for their family needs and daily work activities. This often comes at the cost of increased day-to-day stress, decelerated career advancement, impaired leadership development and reduced organisational networking. 

Whatever your story is, the Rise and Lead Web Mentoring Series has been designed to assist you in realising your full potential as a leader.

  • You will be exposed to opportunities and strategies to achieve your professional and personal goals so you can become more successful in your career progression.
  • Understand and develop your leadership styles that will effectively enhance your position and status within your organisation. 
  • Develop the right skills-set to align your personal and professional lives with your core values.
  • Grow your mindset and personal leadership so you can easily attract opportunities that position you as a leader others wish to follow.
  • Be transformed into a thought leader so you can effectively convey your opinion using different mediums.
  • Communicate with power and influence so you can speak up, own your opinion and influence positive changes in your sphere of influence.
  • Learn to negotiate fairly in a straightforward way with a win-win approach. Learn strategies for being a winner without feeling like you have trampled on someone else in the process.
  • Learn to communicate authentically. Success at work and success as a leader demands being a competent, assertive communicator. Learn how to have “skillful conversations“.
  • Harness the rewards of networking through genuine relationships. A strong professional network extends your sphere of opportunity and influence far beyond your direct contacts. Discover how to build and nurture your strategic network and social capital inside and outside of your organisation

At Rise and lead, we are positioned to support women and companies with the necessary skills to advance to any leadership position, to negotiate their compensation and to carry out their work in harmony with their values. It’s time for you to rise to the top slots, show the younger generation that it’s possible to be a woman and a leader so you can, in the future, share with us your success model so the younger generation can aspire to become leaders of change.

Who is the program for?

The Rise and Lead Women Leadership Program is for women in the workplace, professionals, female founders, organisational leaders, NGO leaders, authors, and aspiring changemakers. Men are also welcome to join.

We invite you to join our Web Mentoring Masterclass Series for women in leadership. 

About Rise and Lead Women

Rise and Lead Women‘s vision is to help women maximise their leadership potential to become bolder, stronger leaders and advance in their careers.

Rise and Lead WebMentoring Series is a complete leadership development program designed to provide actual transformation in women, as well as provide the knowledge required to get to the top slot of any organisation.

Web mentoring is an intimate environment and a safe space for you to practice what you are learning. Therefore, we have limited slots available, and admission will be on first-come, first-served basis.

Secure your seat today!

Module 1: Your Step ladder To Leadership: Discover Your Leadership Trajectory

  • Day 1: Discovering the Power of Self by Poonam Barua
  • Day 2: Discovering the Power of Self by Poonam Barua
  • Day 3: Leading Others: Understand the differentiating styles of women in leadership by Poonam Barua

Module 2: Become a Bold Communicator

  • Day 1: The art of storytelling for leaders
  • Day 2: Public speaking and strategic influencing for emerging leaders
  • Day 3: Become a thought leader in your field by Ebere Akadiri

Module 3: Mindset Reboot: Developing Your Leadership Confidence 

  • Day 1: Mindset Mastery by an expert guest
  • Day 2: Executive presence and visibility by Poonam Barua
  • Day 3: Negotiating successfully and learning to ask by Poonam Barua

Module 4: Getting to the Top-Slot — what you need to know by Poonam Barua

  • Day 1: Strategic Networking — How to Influence your Stakeholders in Business by Poonam Barua
  • Day 2: Getting to the Front-line — Learning to take the Risk By Poonam Barua
  • Day 3: Using technology as a tool for building and maintaining relationships with your stakeholders


Rise and Lead WebMentoring consists of four modules, each three days long. You can choose to participate in all four or choose to take the first module (required) and then pick and choose from the other three. You can select each one for €280 or grab the all-access pass for €950 which gives you an extra bonus to become a member of the Rise and Lead Mentoring Circle. If you can’t attend all of the modules, you will get the recordings.

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