Corporate Program

At Rise and Lead, we believe that everything rises and falls on leadership. Diversity in leadership is needed to provide faster decisions and innovative solutions that meet the needs of an organisation’s customers, employees, and society.

We help organisations to:

Develop their talented and high-potential women leaders through our New & Emerging Leaders (NEL) Program

Support the aspirations of women to rise and lead through our Rising Leaders (RL) Program: Women in Leadership Retreat

Achieve their diversity & Inclusion goals through our Inclusive Leadership – Unconscious Bias Training

Gain access to our pipeline of women leaders and innovators through our community platform 

Inclusive Leadership – Unconscious Bias Training


To advance more women into leadership positions, organisations need to first deal with their biases. Training to build awareness can create an inclusive culture that identifies and helps eliminate these hidden biases.

Our unconscious Bias training model helps individuals to build awareness skills in identifying one’s own biases; provides tools to change these stereotypical patterns of thinking and become more conscious; implement cultural values that does not tolerate discriminatory behaviors and empowers each staff member to defend one another. This training is conducted by our expert trainers and coaches who already work in the field of Unconscious Bias.

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Customised Training Programs


We run a series of customised training programs for corporate partners, globally. These leadership development programs include:

  • New & Emerging Leaders Program (NEL)
  • Leadership Presence For Women
  • Negotiating Your Way To The Top
  • Storytelling as a tool for Powerful Communication

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