Connect2Grow Mentoring:

Leadership development Series
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Rise and Lead Connect2Grow Mentoring is a leadership workshop + accountability support series that challenges and supports women to discuss, develop and implement leadership skills. Rise and Lead hosts quarterly Connect2Grow meetings which address one of the modules within our core pillars: Personal Leadership, Effective Communication and  Negotiations.

Benefits to You: 

Gain the confidence to lead yourself and others.

The boldness and courage to ask for what you want.

Strategies, tactics and a step-by-step plan that helps you to become a confident communicator, effective networker, and an avid negotiator.

A written personal brand story that communicates your value and unique message and helps you to stand out among your peers.

Executive presence and confidence that inspires others and makes them want to follow your lead.

A new success mindset that will give you the drive to reach your goals.

A high-level network with a trusted circle of quality business contacts globally, enabling you to develop future collaboration and partnerships.

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