Discover the exact steps you need to break through the internal blocks currently stopping you from reaching your professional and personal goals.  

Subconsciously or not, you may have been raised to believe that you don’t deserve to be in a position of power, or you’ve been told that you lack the proper skills to be a leader.  

You may also have been raised to think that as a woman, wanting more is a bad thing, or just maybe your childhood experience is still playing a big part in your mind.  

This kind of mindset could be stopping you from going after leadership roles, growing your small business into a company, speaking up and asking for what you deserve, or even sharing your gifts with the world.  

To move forward, we need to uncover and conquer the thought pattern that has been hindering you from achieving your greatest potential in your life business or career, and then create a plan to support and keep you accountable towards achieving your dreams.  

Would you like to feel more confident, speak up, take risks, achieve your dreams and make an impact, leave a legacy and find meaning and fulfilment in your everyday life?  

You absolutely can!  

But, to do that, you need to shift your mindset towards growth, allowing you to re-ignite your desire to grow personally and professionally, and be in a positive environment with a trusted community who are on the same path.  

Your desire gets you on the right path, but a commitment keeps your moving forward. 

Once you make this commitment to challenge the status quo and confront unsupportive beliefs, and learn the right skills to close any gaps, you will activate your leadership potentials.  

At Rise and Lead, our mission is to help you unleash your potentials in life and business, and we do this through facilitated workshops, mentorships and mastermind accountability.  

We want to see you transform and grow into the leader you were meant to be.  

The Rise and Lead Connect2Grow Mentoring Circle “Mastering Your Mindset For Personal and Career Growth”, has been designed to help you uncover the limiting patterns you’ve developed throughout life and learn the right strategies needed to overcome them, so you can stay focused and committed to achieving your professional and career success.  

We believe that the potential for greatness is already inside of you. With the right circle, guidance and support, you can grow into all that you are meant to be both personally and professionally.  

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Hear what our participants at January’s Connect2Grow event had to say

During the event, you will hear stories of triumph, work with a group of peers to confront what holds you back, get inspiration and encouragement from an expert facilitator and step up with increased confidence to put an end to playing small so you can finally show up.

Here is what we will cover:


  • How to get rid of the internal block that is sabotaging your growth


  • How to stretch your business and career goal and reach them


  • How to identify and stop the small voice that prevents you from speaking up and making a bold move


  • How to stop procrastinating, get rid of perfectionism and move forward with your plans


  • How to deal with rejection and disappointment and resistance that shows up and stop you from your track


  • How to deal with fear, doubt and worry that keeps you from showing up and making the impact you have been called to make


  • How not to allow criticism and not let what others say stop you so you can become all you are meant to be


  • How to stretch beyond your comfort zone 


  • Understand and accept that you are worthy of more in every aspect of life  

At the end of the meeting, you will step out with an increased confidence to play bigger, get bolder and stretch your vision of what is possible, so you can finally live the life you are capable of living. A life of freedom, influence and impact.  

Hear what our participants at January’s Connect2Grow event had to say

About Connect2Grow Mentoring Circle

Our Connect2Grow Mentoring Circle event will kick off with a greet and mingle, welcome drinks and snacks, followed by a content-rich presentation from Ebere Akadiri and a guest expert. There will be a ‘mentoring circle’ time with peers and a dedicated facilitator to help you uncover and overcome your “inner voices” that have been stopping you from reaching your career and business goals.

Why You Should Attend?


  • You will connect with like-minded professionals and individuals on the same journey and path.


  • You will develop greater capacity to hold yourself accountable and stay committed to achieving your dream life in 2019.


  • You’ll be inspired to become the best version of yourself.


  • We’ll show you how to shift your thinking for growth and success in 2019.


  • Our mentoring circle is a safe place where you are can feel free to share your deepest fears and concerns with people who understand you and are ready to support you.


Imagine achieving all your intentions in 2019?  

Join us at the Rise and Lead Connect2Grow Mentoring Circle: “Mastering Your Mindset For Personal And Career Growth

Your access to the Rise and Lead Mentoring Circle: Connect2Grow includes:


  • Actionable content to help you achieve your best year yet.


  • Mingle and chat with peers and build future friendships and collaborations.


  • Drinks and light refreshments.


  • Mentoring circle with peers and a facilitator to support and help you stay accountable for achieving your life and career goals this year.  

Date: April 12, 2019  

Location: The Hague  

Venue: WTC – NH -Hotel  

Time: 5.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Price: €50 per person  

* Seats are limited  

Meet our Connect2Grow Speakers

Ebere Akadiri, the CEO of Ataro Foods and the creator of the Rise and Lead Summit.  

Blanca Vergara, Leadership Strategist for Intelligent Women.

Our Facilitators

Event Schedule

17:30-18:00 : Registration, welcome drink, and snack

18:00-18:30 : Introduction to Mastering Your Mindset For Personal and Career Growth and Welcome by Ebere Akadiri

18.30 - 19:00 : Presentation by our Guest Speaker, Blanca Vergara

19:00- 20:00 : Syndicate formation & dinners

20:00-20.10: Plenary Feedback, next step and wrap up

20:10 : Networking and drinks