The Rise and Lead Connect2Grow Mentoring Circle “Overcoming Limiting Habits” has been designed to help professionals conquering habits that have a negative impact on their growth. Habits like procrastination, passive aggressiveness, aversion to risks, and negativity aren’t just personal quirks, they could permanently hinder career aspirations. Overcoming these limiting habits will help propel you to fulfill your full potential and increase your chances for career success.

Our Connect2Grow Mentoring Circle will kick off with a greet and mingle, welcome drinks and snacks, followed by two content-rich presentations from our guest speakers. Unzela Haider, Organisational Psychologist and Founder of Thrive Qube is an expert in behavioral analysis as applied to employee management, personal development and team cohesion. Dagmar Hopf, Transition Coach and Founder of Seven Birds, whose mission is to empower and enable people to unfold their unique potential so that they can act as inexhaustible forces for good in the world.

Here is what we will cover:

Identifying the limiting habits you possess and how it affects your profession.

Discover and confront the root of these limiting habits.

Understanding how these limiting habits manifest in the way you communicate with others and perform your role.

Step by step plan on how you can overcome these habits and replace them with ones that support your growth.

Why You Should Attend?

You will connect with like-minded professionals and individuals on the same journey and path.

You will start on the path of identifying and overcoming limiting habits that are hurting your career aspirations.

You’ll be inspired to become the best version of yourself.

Our mentoring circle is a safe place where you are can feel free to share your deepest fears and concerns with people who understand you and are ready to support you

Imaging achieving all your intentions in 2019?

Join us at the Rise and Lead Connect2Grow Mentoring Circle: “Overcoming Limiting Habits”

Your access to the Rise and Lead Mentoring Circle: Connect2Grow includes:

Actionable content to help you achieve your best year yet

Mingle and chat with peers and build future friendships and collaborations

Drinks and light refreshments

Mentoring circle with peers and a facilitator to support and help you stay accountable for achieving your life and career goals this year

The Speakers:


Unzela Haider

Organisational Psychologist. Trainer & Facilitator, Founder of Thrive Qube

Dagmar Hopf

Creative Transition Catalyst

The Host:


Ebere Akadiri

CEO of Ataro Foods, Rise and Lead Women and Rise and Lead Summit

The following facilitators joined us:


Imaging achieving all your intentions in 2019?


Join us at the Rise and Lead Connect2Grow Mentoring Circle: “Overcoming Limiting Habits


June 20, 2019

WTC – NH -Hotel, The Hague

5.30 pm – 8.30 pm

* Seats are limited


Event Schedule

17:30-18:00 : Registration, welcome drink, and snacks

18:00-18:30 : Welcome by Ebere Akadiri. Presentation by our first guest speaker, Unzela Haider

18.30 - 19:00 : Presentation by our Guest Speaker, Dagmar Hopf

19:00- 20:20 : Snacks and closed mentoring circles where everyone has a chance to share their stories and begin to overcome their own limiting habits

20:20-20.30: Plenary Feedback, next step and wrap up

20:30-end : Networking and drinks