Connect2Grow Mentoring with Role Models

Leadership development Series

Rise and Lead Connect2Grow Masterclasses + Mentoring Circles are leadership workshops + accountability support series that challenge and support women to discuss, develop and implement leadership skills. Rise and Lead hosts quarterly Connect2Grow Masterclasses which address one of the modules within our core pillars: Leading Self, Leading Others and  Leading a business.

Your participation in the Rise and Lead Connect2Grow Mentoring Circle gives you access to:

Actionable content to help you achieve your best year yet.

Mingle and chat with peers and build future friendships and collaborations.

Mentoring circle with peers and a facilitator to support and help you stay accountable for achieving your life and career goals this year.

Why You Should Attend? 

You will connect with like-minded professionals and individuals on the same journey and path.

You will develop a greater capacity to hold yourself accountable and stay committed to achieving your dream life in 2021.

You’ll be inspired to become the best version of yourself.

We’ll show you how to shift your thinking for growth and success in 2021.

Our mentoring circle is a safe place where you are can feel free to share your deepest fears and concerns with people who understand you and are ready to support you.

Read what our past Connect2Grow attendees had to say:


It was a great event. Many thanks Ebere Akadiri and all the facilitators. I learnt a lot and look forward to the next one.


Wow! I almost didn’t sleep last night ’cause I was still buzzing from the wonderful session. Thanks Ebere Akadiri & Team for such a successful & Fulfilling event. Look forward to the next ones.


Congratulations Eby. Thank you so much for such awesome and insightful event. The facilitators were wonderful too. I learned a lot​, can’t wait for the next one