Siegmund Fahrig, CEO of Marsh Continental Europe

Representing Marsh for the initiative ‘Life is Colourful’

“Life is Colourful” (LIC) started in 2020 as a diverse group of 11 colleagues from Marsh across Continental Europe (Marsh CE), including both senior and future leaders. Since LIC’s start, diversity & inclusion has been a core theme of its actions, which have led to an increased representation of leaders from diverse backgrounds, especially with regard to gender, across 34 European countries. In Q1 2022, with the support of the regional CEO, LIC convinced the Marsh CE Executive Committee to appoint at least 30% women to the firms’ boards. At the start of 2022, 43% of the firms’ boards across the region included at least 30% women. By September 2022, that will have increased to 63% of the region’s boards, with the goal of having at least 30% women on all of Marsh’s boards by 2023. Also in Q1 2022, LlC organized an International Women’s Day panel and LinkedIn campaign, and launched “Care&Grow”, a learning journey for colleagues who are a parent with children up to 18 years old. The program equips parents to learn from their experience and develop soft skills that are essential to both life and work. As a result, in 2022 Marsh CE was appointed by Lifeed as a Caring Company®, an initiative to recognize companies that enhance diversity and have a caring leadership model.