Claire Godding, Senior Expert on Diversity & Inclusion and Societal Needs for the Financial Sector

Representing Febelfin for the initiative ‘Women in Finance’

Women in Finance is a trailblazing initiative by Febelfin – Belgium’s financial services industry association – to raise awareness as well as establish and promote gender equality best practices in the financial sector. The association in the meantime regroups over 90% of the financial sector in Belgium ( ) who commit to measure, every year, their glass ceilings (levels where they lose more women), and work together, sharing practices in different workgroups.

Febelfin efforts also included creating comprehensive and outcome-oriented tools for diversity ( toolbox available for free on that have helped banks and banking associations across Europe implement high-standard diversity goals. Showcased via the European Banking Federation, Febelfin’s activities have had a wide influence on practices in the banking sector across the EU.