Renata Spada, Vice President Talent Acquisition & Global Chief Diversity Equity Inclusion Officer

Representing Engie for the initiative ‘Fifty-Fifty Project’

The Fifty-Fifty program is designed to help ENGIE accelerate the progress of women in the organisation and to achieve gender parity at management level by 2030 (from 25% at end 2021). In order to achieve this goal, ENGIE has focussed on changing culture and mindsets in the organisation and on upskilling its leaders. It introduced a Women’s Programme to support women to develop their leadership skills. In parallel, it has also run a Men’s Programme to help men become the gender balanced leaders needed to help ENGIE achieve its ambition. The men who have been through the programme have enhanced their awareness of the issues women face in the workplace and have developed the skills and tools they need to address these issues. These men have become sponsors and mentors to women and have become agents of change to promote gender balance.