Jacqueline R Blount, Global Director, Diversity and Inclusion

Representing Ahold Delhaize for the initiative ‘100% Gender Balanced’

From its headquarters in the Netherlands, Ahold Delhaize established in 2020 a systemic approach to driving gender balance, diversity and inclusion across all of its brands and businesses. Leveraging leadership commitment, accountability and KPIs, the company aspires to achieve 100% gender balance (50/50) at all levels of its workforce, and to strive for 100% inclusion, every day. To support this aspiration, the company developed a strategic framework consisting of three pillars: people, community and culture. To measure success, the company created a D&I dashboard in 2021 to better understand trends in the brands’ workforces.

Already in the first year, the proportion of women in management positions – important feeder pools to senior leadership positions – increased from 39% to 40%. Committed to hiring from diverse candidate slates, the company implemented a policy requiring 50/50 gender balanced candidate and succession slates for all roles at Director level and above. To measure the cultural aspects of inclusion – respect, career opportunities, and associates feeling heard – the company integrated an inclusive workplace index into its annual associate survey. In 2021, the company received a score of 79% on this index. Aligned with the belief that being equitable and inclusive drives business results, the company’s brands conducted over 300 inclusive leadership training sessions in 2021, with more than 7,000 participants.