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Having more women with diverse backgrounds rise and take the lead in the workplace and the marketplace is one of the keys to driving positive and sustainable change in our world today.


We envision a world where women have equal opportunities as their male counterparts to achieve top leadership positions in the workplace, and create sustainable businesses in the marketplace Ebere Akadiri

Rise and Lead founder


Rise and Lead, Netherlands is a global leadership development platform, which focuses on economic empowerment and leadership inclusion of women in the workplace and marketplace. We are committed to supporting  women leaders to grow their leadership and impact. We partner with organisations and corporations who support the advancement of women by investing in leadership development for women.


The Rise and Lead forum exists to bring more women to the table and get them actively involved in using their voices and talents to rise up and lead changes in the workplace, marketplace and society.

Rise and Lead Summit is designed for


Women who want to lead and participate in solving societal problems in order to make the world a better place


Women who want to get a seat at the table where major decisions and policies are made


Women who are ambitious and want to drive changes through their influence


Women who want to create wealth, leave legacies and build a sustainable future


Men who want to address gender bias, support women and rise along with them


Business Case For Women in Leadership


Companies wishing to attract, retain, and nurture women for leadership positions in their companies will need to understand what women want in their organisations. Poonam Barua


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