About us


“We envision a world where women have the same opportunities as their male counterparts. We want to see them achieve top leadership positions in the workplace and create sustainable businesses in the marketplace”, says Rise and Lead founder, Ebere Akadiri.

Our Mission

The Rise and Lead Women forum exists to equip women with leadership skills. We empower the female workforce with a stronger presence, boldness and visibility, Using their voices and talents, we guide them on how to be leaders of change in the workplace, marketplace and society.

Rise and Lead Women Forum believes in balanced leadership and equal opportunities for ALL. We support women in showing up, getting a seat at the table and taking the lead, while serving as role models for the next generation of women leaders.


We offer tailored programs to support women in their quest to reach their highest potential.

We inspire and demonstrate to women how to discover the power within. Guiding them on their upward journey to make a positive impact on society.

We believe that using our collective voices will help us achieve our vision for a gender-inclusive world.

We mentor women to break through personal and professional barriers. In turn, creating positive change by advocating for equal opportunities, balanced leadership and talent development.

We showcase organisations who are leading the way in promoting women in the workplace and business environment.



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