Who We Are


Rise & Lead Women is a not-for-profit organisation that provides resources to help women achieve their potential and thus accelerate gender-balanced leadership.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see diverse women occupy leadership roles and drive positive, sustainable change in the world.


Our Mission

We aim to increase women’s leadership representation in workplaces and the marketplace.


Our Purpose

We are driven to contribute towards closing the gender leadership gap to help women maximise their gifts and potential.

Our Beliefs

✔ Women are not a problem to be solved. The system must change.

✔ Leadership is not about titles but about impact. Everyone has the capacity to lead.

✔ The inclusion of women does not mean the exclusion of men. Men and women must work together to accelerate change.

✔ We strive to create opportunities for others to thrive through our various programs.

✔ We do not know it all, but collectively, we can learn, act and make an impact.

Why We Do It

Gender diversity has been a central topic of discussion for years, but progress has been slow. Several studies have shown that companies with at least 30% of women in leadership roles are 12 times more likely to excel financially (DDI).

Yet only 29% of women make up senior leadership roles globally. How do we bridge the gender leadership gap?

To ensure women from across the globe have equal access to professional opportunities, feel empowered to reach their full potential, and become leaders that help drive positive, sustainable change in the world, Rise & Lead Women offers resources to women for both personal and professional development to enable them to become leaders, thus accelerating gender-balanced leadership within this community.

We aim to increase the number of high-achieving women in executive leadership roles. We help organisations advance gender-balanced leadership and inclusion in the workplace by sharing cross-industry insights.

Our approach is based on research that shows that individual empowerment and systemic change are necessary to close the gender gap in leadership. By empowering women with the essential skills and knowledge to succeed and partnering with businesses to create more inclusive cultures, we can significantly impact this important issue.

What We Do

Rise & Lead Summit

The annual Rise & Lead Summit is a 2-day global leadership conference featuring industry leaders, corporate executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and next-gen leaders who share their insights and best practices to drive the change toward diversity, equity and inclusion.

Next Rise & Lead Summit:

September 14-15 | Hotel NH Den Haag / Online


Rise & Lead Awards

The annual Rise & Lead Awards recognise companies driving change in gender-balanced leadership, parental support and pay parity. The Awards aim is to highlight companies’ initiatives that are intentional in making a difference, which can serve as an inspiration to a wide range of organisations and the executives who lead them.

Join us for the 2023 Rise & Lead Summit and Awards

Inclusive Leaders Forum

An ecosystem that connects senior executives to solutions for creating a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse work environment.


Women’s Leadership Development

The Rise To Leadership Program is an 8-week programme focused on building the leadership confidence of women in mid-senior management, preparing them for top leadership positions.

Board Apprenticeship Placement

In this program, we train, certify and place high-potential women as board apprentices on boards in the EU for a one year period which helps our members to gain firsthand experience, while increasing the pool of board-ready women.

Advisory Board

Cristina Falcone
Leye Falade
Rhonda A. Ocha
Rick Zednik
Anna Koj

The Team

Ebere Akadiri

Founder | CEO

Adebola Kupoluyi

Executive Secretary

Giralda Chiverton

Leadership Masterclass Coordinator

Sabrina Tegelkamp