Who We Are


Rise and Lead Women is a leadership organization that supports a global tribe of women with the education, mentorship and community they need to elevate their careers to top leadership.


Our Mission

Rise and Lead Women is on a mission to increase the representation of women in top leadership positions.

We achieve this by designing and delivering leadership development programs for women, advocating for inclusion in workplaces and creating events that connect aspiring leaders to senior executives and role models. In this way, emerging leaders can learn from the experiences of other successful women.

Our Vision

To unleash Society’s potential through women leadership development.

Our Story

Launched in 2018 by Ebere Akadiri and Poonam Barua, Rise and Lead Women was founded to support a global tribe of women to climb the leadership ladder. 

Frustrated by the lack of resources, leadership events, and networking options available for women in her community, Ebere Akadiri was inspired to fill the void. So she and co-founder Poonam Barua launched Rise and Lead Women in 2018.

Since then, the organization has grown from a local empowerment initiative to a global community that focuses on leadership education and advocacy for inclusion and equity in the workplace and marketplace. 

Meet Our Team

Ebere Akadiri

Rise and Lead Women

Melisa Dicker

Director of Partnership
Rise and Lead Women

“We envision a world where women have the same opportunities as their male counterparts. We want to see them achieve top leadership positions in the workplace and create sustainable businesses in the marketplace.”

Rise and Lead Founder, Ebere Akadiri.