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According to the World Economic Forum, it will take 217 years to close the gender gap. We’re determined to close the gap sooner by accelerating and advancing women’s leadership in every workplace and marketplace. Our goal is to provide a platform where both accomplished and emerging leaders can connect, share ideas, and lead change.

At Rise and Lead, we encourage women to take an active role, get visible, raise their voices, unleash their potential, and get seats at the table where decisions are made. We empower women through personal leadership learning, creating an argument for change and providing a safe place for collaborations and the exchange of knowledge.

We believe that having more women with diverse backgrounds rise and take charge in the workplace (and the marketplace!) is one of the keys to driving positive, sustainable change in our world today.

Vision and Purpose

We envision a world where women have the same opportunities as their male counterparts to achieve top leadership positions in the workplace and create sustainable businesses in the marketplace.


Rise and Lead exists to bring together accomplished leaders, executives, and business founders to support the leadership and financial inclusion of women in the workplace and in the marketplace, thereby promoting sustainable institutions and a prosperous society.

Overall Goals

  • Accelerate change and close the gender gap
  • Inspire, educate, and raise the aspirations of women to reach leadership positions
  • Amplify voices of women leaders and the companies who support them
  • Create a sustainable and prosperous society by empowering women business founders


Education: We offer programs tailored to support women in their path to reach their highest potential.

Inspiration: We inspire women and show them the power within themselves. We teach them to harness this power to rise and make an impact in society.

Inclusion: We believe that using our collective voices will help us achieve our vision for a gender-inclusive world.

Innovation: We investigate and implement what works, and we focus on the actual transformation of women leaders rather than simply recycle old narratives.

Leadership: We break through personal and professional barriers and embrace our call to lead.


We offer tailored programs to support women in their quest to reach their highest potential, whether in the business world or in their own personal endeavours.

We inspire women and show them how to discover the power within. We guide them on their upward journey toward making a positive impact on society.

We believe that using our collective voices will help us achieve our vision for a gender-inclusive world.

We mentor women to break through personal and professional barriers, in turn creating positive change by advocating for equal opportunities, balanced leadership, and talent development.

We showcase organisations that are leading the way in promoting women in the workplace.


Rise and Lead Women is an educational platform focused on advancing women in leadership. Founded in 2018 in the Netherlands by Nigerian social entrepreneur Ebere Akadiri and women-in-leadership advocate Poonam Barua, Rise and Lead is dedicated to empowering women for leadership and impact. It offers leadership consulting and training to both companies and individuals.



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