Rise and Lead Women

Driving Inclusion through Accelerating the representation of women in leadership positions


About Rise and Lead Women

Rise and Lead is on a mission to increase the representation of women leaders in the workplaces and marketplace.

Rise and Lead Network accelerates women’s leadership journeys by offering educational and digital content, sharing stories that inspire action, and connecting leaders on topics that drive change

Our Programs

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Global Women in Leadership Roundtable

The women in leadership roundtable is a leadership and networking program designed for senior executive women across different enterprises. 

Mentor Session with Senior Executives

Our education curriculum focuses on real-life lessons from business leaders who provide insights into relatable day-to-day leadership issues to support emerging leaders

Inclusive Leaders Forum

The Inclusive Leaders Forum connects allies and senior executives from global companies in a safe space to share valuable cross-industry insights and actionable takeaways for advancing women at work.

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Dealing with Office Reopening

Dealing with Office Reopening

“if there is trust between an employer and her employees, companies can build a hybrid system that will be very productive” As countries are beginning to ease their lockdown measures, it feels like the pandemic is starting to end, offices are starting to reopen. As we...

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